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Sergio Mannino Studio is a New York based design firm envisioning retail spaces, interiors and furniture for private and commercial environments

"SM Studio’s roots in Italian design culture shines through in its projects. The firm uses a bold palette to create distinctive environments that channel the Memphis Group—and other influences unafraid of a little color—with an aesthetic that is uniquely its own"
    Surface Magazine


"I cannot envision the house of the future and I don’t know how it will look like. Maybe it will be extremely small. Maybe it will be electronically sophisticated. Maybe it will just be a giant closet where we will store all the gadgets essential for today’s living and it will have a mat that we will roll out at night before we go to sleep. Maybe, to allow our fast evolving life, interiors will be like those cheap disposable plastic objects we cannot get attached to. Maybe it will not exist and we will stay in hotels because we will live an even more nomadic life. Maybe our souvenirs, knickknacks, ornaments, and memories will only be digitized in a tiny computer or phone. I don’t know how to imagine the future, I only hope there will still be room for all the human rituals and I hope that we will always be the lead characters from a physical but also mental point of view." SM 1999

Apartment Design - Shenzen, China Residential Development (coming soon)

Apartment Design - Shenzen, China
Residential Development (coming soon)


"I believe that a piece of furniture can carry stories that go beyond the mere functionality of the the object. Furniture can be a vehicle to express thoughts, love, passions, and even political ideas. A piece of furniture has the power to change a room and how you feel when you walk in it. I spent my whole life sketching and building objects believing that, even if they will never be able to change the world, they can help making our environment a better place for our existence." SM