Firm Profile

Sergio Mannino Studio is a New York based architectural design firm envisioning retail spaces, interiors, and furniture for private and commercial environments.

For Sergio Mannino design is all about passion, and being Italian, design is in his blood. Sergio believes that a successful design is greater than the sum of its parts. Having completed over 250 projects world-wide (from New York to Shanghai), he knows that interiors have to entice, excite, reassure, and accommodate a wide variety of desires and expectations. That’s where the firm’s multi-focused sensibilities come into play, utilizing lighting, furniture, installations, and customized flooring, Mannino hopes that his designs are as dynamic as life itself.

Clients include: Vince Camuto, Prada, Bottega Veneta, Jessica Simpson, Miu Miu, James Allen and many more.



Retail Design
Pharmacy Design
Residential Design
Product Design



Vince Camuto
Jessica Simpson
Miu Miu