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A Footwear Showroom Design in Midtown New York

The Vince Camuto Showroom Design in Midtown Manhattan is the result of continued creative endeavors between New York based Italian Architect Sergio Mannino and Vince Camuto, founder and CEO of the Camuto Group.  This sophisticated space balances modern product display elements with a sharp material palette to frame, reflect, and layer Camuto's edgy feminine style.  While this showroom is not open to the public, several retail locations are planned to open in New York City and abroad. Nine outlet locations have also opened in the US in the past few months.


Showroom Design Highlights


Vince Camuto retail locations and outlet stores will echo elements designed for this space. In the entry, crisp linear shelving plays counterpoint to floating rounded frames that cantilever from subtly glimmering wooden wall panels.  The chandelier, a conic chrome ring encircling a shower of crystal strands, highlights special merchandise in the showroom.  The window walls are wrapped with low undulating lacquered shelving while white cording hangs as curtains to filter day light.


Showroom Custom Display Elements

A mirrored display unit anchors the conference area.  It is adorned with the brand's distinctive crest and is punctured by deep recesses- handbags and eye wear are suspended within the showroom's reflection.  Simple sophisticated chrome and lacquer display tables are placed in key visual and seating areas.  Soft yet edgy, both crisp and warm, the showroom in Midtown embodies the great style and quality that is synonymous with the Vince Camuto brand.

Showroom Design Firm: Sergio Mannino Studio

Team:  Sergio Mannino, Francesca Scalettaris, Alessandra Prezzi
Photography: Sergio Mannino Studio
General Contractor: Finaly GC
Millwork: T.Alongi