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Today, the big question in design is how can we create interiors and objects that reflect the energy of today’s world? In a world where everything is changing all the time, we need to come up with invigorating design solutions that are not only sustainable, materially diverse, ethical, and politically informed - but also that will last, both functionally and aesthetically because they talk about the world we live in.

At the studio, we’re thinking about this every day. We crave to design spaces, objects and furniture that are a mirror of the society in which we live or, even better, the one we dream of. Design is a political statement because building the world around us is an act of love towards humanity.

We are a small studio and we don’t take just any client that knock at the door, that’s why we will send you a few questions to check if we are on the same wavelength. Please be as honest as you can be. If you are looking to replicate something that already exists or you want a “traditional” space, you have come to the wrong place.

If instead you’re ready for a sincere, experimental and open-minded relationship - let’s get started.


What Happens Next

We want to ensure everything is as ease-filled as possible for you. If you reach out to work with us you'll receive an email with a few questions about your brief. We want to know how developed your brief is, and if the timing is right for us to work together. You'll then jump on a call with Sergio or catch up for a meeting with us to talk about your business, goals and more.

If we believe we're the right people to help your ideas succeed, we'll put together a fee proposal for our services. If you're ready to do this, we'll then send across the papers and get started on developing a design concept.

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