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Shoes and Handbags Store Design in New York GCT

The Vince Camuto flagship store in Grand Central Terminal New York is the first retail location dedicated to the US brand. It is designed to sell footwear, handbags, outerwear and accessories. This sophisticated space balances modern product display elements with a sharp material palette to frame, reflect, and layer Camuto's edgy feminine style.

Display Shelves for Shoes and Handbags

The architect also used materials like white lacquer, polished chrome metal, and a ceramic floor called Esko by Impronta Italgraniti. The shop color palette takes on different shades of gray for a balance of modernism and sophistication.


Shop Design Firm: Sergio Mannino Studio New York

Team:  Sergio Mannino, Francesca Scalettaris, Alessandra Prezzi
Location: Grand Central Terminal, 42nd street passage, New York, NY USA
Area: 150 sqm


Storefront Design


Store Design Challenges

The studio faced structural challenges when designing the store: the floor level of the store was higher than the rest of the terminal and there were also several columns that blocked the view, making it difficult to place fixtures around the store. Mannino and his design team created a shelving system that wraps the columns on the left side while connecting them on the right side.


Display Shelves on the Wall and Floor

Display Shelves Detail