Vince Camuto Outlets

Collaboration between New York based Italian Architect Sergio Mannino and Vince Camuto, founder and CEO of the Camuto Group, continues as Vince Camuto outlet stores open in Riverhead, NY and Wrentham, MA. A few select elements from the Vince Camuto retail locations are remixed with a subdued pink hue and flexible mass-produced display systems to outfit these similarly variable retail environments.

An elliptical chrome chandelier encircling a shower of crystal strands highlights special merchandise at the entrance. Modular shelves of varying heights wrap the perimeter producing an undulating display surface sandwiched between pixelated waves of customer accessible stock. This static datum is interrupted occasionally with bright dynamic elements - mirrors and display screens reflect the store interior and project brand images. The shelves that define the interior aisles are perforated with a sinuous hole pattern that allows for variable placement of chrome display pedestals. Overhead, translucent white lamp shades echo the sleek contours of the chandelier at the entrance.

Sergio Mannino Studio's prior experience designing mass customization strategies for the retail industry informed these new Vince Camuto outlet interiors. Shoebox New York's stores were designed with wall finish grids that can be customized to adapt to seasonal and contextual hue environments. In Vince Camuto outlet stores this strategy is applied to product placement while display screen technology is integrated to project current brand imagery and updated accents.

project team: Sergio Mannino, Francesca Scalettaris

client: Camuto Group

typology: Retail concept

location: Tanger Outlet - Riverhead, 200 Tanger Mall Drive, Riverhead,NY,11901 USA

site area & total floor area: 1500 sqft