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Room For Ritual  is an interactive show where we have investigated the role of objects in our daily lives.

Everyday, people are exposed to vast amounts of information through new media and social networks. In part because of the advertising influence of the internet, they tend to buy more and more; ending up with masses of objects which start to mean nothing.

As Philosopher Jean Baudrillard writes: nowadays, “what we have is not communication, but contamination of a viral type; everything spreads from one person to another in an immediate fashion.The term promiscuity describes the same process: things are there immediately, without distance and without charm.And without genuine pleasure.”

We believe objects, instead, are able to go beyond their mere functionality and can have a spiritual meaning as well as a seductive power. Room For Ritual is a calling for us to reflect and reconnect ourselves back to what really does count in our lives. In the midst of our busy lives, it is an invitation for us to make room for rituals of all kind.


Room for Ritual


Through a newsletter, we informed our subscribers to bring along an object that has a profound meaning in their life. This was then photographed within the installation.

All the photos will be released on our Instagram profile.


This installation was also in part a tribute Ettore Sottsass on what would be his 100th birthday, and the show ends with a quote from him that calls us to keep our lives sheer and authentic:

It is always very complicated to know where one is.It is always very complicated to protect innocence enough to be able to keep one’s eyes open onto everything, the soul flung wide open onto everything.”  - Ettore Sottsass

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