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Partire, Tornare, Restare

In a gesture reminiscent of Diller and Scofidio suitCase Studies, the AIAC and PresS / Tfactory have invited 55 Italian architectural firms based abroad, to tell their own their experiences. The exhibition was called Partire, Tornare, Restare (Leave, Come back, Stay) and was the central event of a conference that took place at the Sicilian archaeological park of Selinunte in 2012.


Each firm was asked to produce a suitcase containing a maximum of five items that described their experience outside of Italy.


Sergio Mannino Studio prepared a briefcase filled with thousands of banknotes designed for the occasion and showing the effigies of some of the most important figures of Italian design (Mendini, Ponti, Sottsass, Buti, Castiglioni...) but also of actors (Mastroianni, Monica Vitti), musicians (Mingus, Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett...) and buildings, objects, films, works of art, etc.: a single object to represent an invaluable currency, consisting of the cultural heritage slowly accumulated during of a lifetime.