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Located in the heart of the busy Flatiron district in New York, the Nomad Suites are a small oasis of peace in the Big Apple. Designed in collaboration with Stave Efrat, the space is composed of 18 individual suites for individual psychologist sessions.
Each time we design an office we face a new set of problems and opportunities. Each company and each type of business is different and so are the requirements.
In this case the biggest challenge was sound as every suite needed to be completely isolated from the rest and especially from the common areas.


Privacy is a great concern in an office of this type and we achieved this by insulating all the partitions with one of the best products available on the market.
Together with the client we opted for a muted color palette and material selection. We wanted to create a relaxed environment that feels like home.
We had to work with a limited budget and our options were limited but we were still able to find an interesting selection of furniture, rugs, and accessories that reflected the client's brief.


Lighting can influence your mood and its color temperature is a crucial element of the design. For the space we opted for a mix of 3000k and 2700k, giving the space a warm feeling that worked with the rest of the elements.
Nomad has been opened for more than a year and it's been a great success.