Jessica Simpson Retail Store Design Cover.jpg



The Jessica Simpson concept stores were derived from the visions of Sergio Mannino, Italian Architect with Studio in New York, and Vince Camuto, owner and CEO of the Camuto Group.

Mannino accepted the challenge and just completed the first prototype store in Shanghai, adopting innovative modern elements mixed with old world glamour to create an aesthetic not often used in the world of retail design.


When the Mr. Camuto initially approached Sergio Mannino Studios, the idea was to create a sophisticated boutique that would offer women incredible product at a great price. He wanted a clean, modern space with an intimate feel and "just a touch of vintage".


Through the majestic windows, product appears framed in sharp geometric displays; grand yet warm, incorporating a freestanding chrome ottoman bench and other domestic objects to give the store a sophisticated and comfortable feel.

Design: Sergio Mannino, Francesca Scalettaris
Area: 76 sqmt  
Photography: Max Bolzonella