Glam Hair Salon Design



The Design of a Hair Salon in Soho New York

Glam Seamless is a well-established online business dedicated to high-quality, high-end hair extensions founded by Alexandra Cristin.          

Glam Seamless Hair Salon Design


Hair Salon Design - The extensions Display


Glam Seamless Hair Salon Design


As an online business, Glam is pink, white and - you guessed it - glam. We needed to translate this brand into a physical space; at Sergio Mannino Studio, this is our job, and we love it. Designing the ‘physical version’ of an online brand is always an interesting challenge – and we know how important it is to succeed at the first attempt.
The salon is a smooth cream and millennial pink, with shimmering ombre string curtains defining and separating the two areas of the store.                 


Hair Salon Design

One of the design challenges we faced in this project was incorporating the pretty in pink-ness of Glam’s brand into the design - which is its main aesthetic. Baby pink is a difficult color, because it all too easily makes a space feel childish or just too cutesy. The light wooden floor, the subtly textured Terrazzo tiles, the glass in various places throughout the design, and the bold shapes of the lights and custom mirrors all helped to offset this. We wanted a feminine space that was soft but strong - and these design decisions came together to make it happen.

Retail Store Design, Furniture and Interiors by Sergio Mannino Studio

Design: S.Mannino, M.Guandalini


Glam Seamless - The Custom Light Pendant