Inside-Out Largo

Inside-Out Largo

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The inside-out collection is composed of two piecesb Lungo and Largo.

Lungo bar cabinet, sideboard is featured here and it measures 5'-1" by 3'-0", with a depth of 1'-4"

The interior is a highly refined green lacquer paint, while the exterior is a more rough matte birch wood.

Confirm interior color when placing the order, we can customize it to anything you like.

The shelves are removable but not adjustable. It is an excellent bar cabinet or liquor buffet for bottles and glasses. Please note that the shelves have a different configuration than the displayed images (see drawings for details)

This furniture series plays with the readymade language of Italian maestro Enzo Mari, beginning with rough and slightly primitive construction opening to reveal a gem-like surprise of intense color applied to the highly refined interiors.

Lead time 6-7 weeks

Details and dimensions subject to change, confirm before placing the order.

Design by Sergio Mannino and Thomas Lehman.