Shoebox New York, Shoe Store Design

Shoebox NY, a shoe store design concept in New York by Sergio Mannino Studio. A series of more than 200 colored wall panels make this retail store design a unique and elegant place.

Shoebox NY, shoe store design

retail store design concept

The design of the Shoebox store is a combination of mainstream and offbeat, a surprising place rich of colors and subtleties that turn shopping into a charming experience.

A series of more than 200 wall panels of different colors and functions are installed in a grid throughout the space. Each panel, finished in either shiny lacquer, fabric or linoleum, can be repositioned on the grid, just like a pixel on a screen. Virtually thousand of different combinations of colors and materials are possible, giving the store not only the fully functional flexibility always needed in the retail industry but also the possibility to create different moods just by combining colors and materials.

The center of the store is a seating area and display unit lit by a series of Paolo Rizzato's Costanza lamps that help giving the feeling of a home to the space while at the same time winking at the world of Italian design, a reference always present in the projects of the Studio.

Design: Sergio Mannino, Francesca Scalettaris

copyright Sergio Mannino Studio - Retail store Design Firm New york